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The past school year has been intense (see lack of posts here for months and months as partial evidence).  Now that it’s summer, I’ve decided to get healthier.  It’s a multi-pronged approach:

1. Food: I eat Whole30 most of the time (google for more info) – it works for me.

2. Exercise: re-starting after a long time off – I have nowhere to go but up, eeps!

3. Massage therapy: releasing muscle and emotional tension all in one go.

4. Talk therapy: I haven’t talked about what I’ve been going through, so I’m back to the therapist to discuss it all

5. Naturopathic physician: taking care of health issues in a natural way.  A great new way to deal with the physical side of health.

6. Fun.  What’s that???!!  The girls and I are playing, swimming, and doing a kids’ comedy version of Hamlet for the local Shakespeare in the Park group.  Have you ever thought of Hamlet as slapstick?  No?  Oh you HAVE been missing out.

Thanks to blogger Jet Black for inspiration to just post, regardless of whether I actually feel inspired to do so.  It always feels good once I’ve hit the Post button.

tennant-recorder-2_786136iThis is not, obviously, the cast of my local theatre group’s This Is Hamlet – but I just had to post this picture, because, the 10th Doctor, I mean really.

Lotsa love to the bloggy folks who read here and to those I’m following.



A rare and most welcome day off today.  It’s almost noon and I’m still in my sweats, dog on the bed, kids off having fun with their other parental unit.  It’s possible I may arise from a recumbent position at some point today, but not absolutely guaranteed.  That’s OK.  This week I go into high gear and one week from today I sing a BIG HUGE BADASS concert.

So I spent some time playing around on the blog.  Check it out!  I changed my Gravatar and WordPress Blog ID icons; my header and blog subtitle; and my photo and some other content on my About page.


Well, not technically.  Technically, the diva was dressed by a drag queen.  When selecting your friends, picking a drag queen who is your same size is a very good call.  I’m just sayin.

The photos here are the usual backstage blurry things, nothing fancy.  But I love the shots we got of the dresses, even with the darkness and the blurriness and the oddly industrial-waste look of the area.  Heehee




Photo on 2012-12-01 at 22.28 #3

So you see, I have no time for philosophical or thoughtful posts these days.  I have to discuss boobies with drag queens, put on two-inch eyelashes, take blurry pictures of GORGEOUS gowns, and swoon over Elvis.  It’s a tough job, but I’ll throw myself under the bus for y’all.

Happy Holiday Season, folks!  Every time you clap your hands and believe in Santa, a drag queen gets her eyelashes.  Let’s hear everyone clap now!