I’ve been racing my way through, you know, that seven-book series that was all the rage for almost a decade there.  Late to the party as ever, but girl do I make up for lost time once I arrive!  I’m halfway through book 7 (which is helladepressing, yowza!) and I expect to have my evenings free for blogging again soon.  (sob)

Not that I don’t lurv y’all.  Really.  I just. can’t. stop. reading.  My daughter is reading her way through too, and she’s halfway through book 2 and still trying to identify all the possible flavors of Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.  So far her favorite line from the books she’s read is “Alas!  Earwax!”  Extra points for the commenter who identifies the person who said that.

Anyway.  More real stuff later.  Just wanted to let folks know I’m alive and well and so forth.

I usually insert a photo or video here, but I’m afraid that if I insert a photo or video of the relevant topic in this space my blog will get falsely elevated numbers.  I’m already over the top with people trying to find Claudia Black and Denise Richards.  Bwaha.