I’ve been stress eating.

I moved – out of the house I lived in since 1998.  Then had the holidays.  Then a job shift.  Then a major shift in how my health insurance was going to be handled – that was a shock.  Then a really difficult emotional state dealing with part of my work.

Then, too, the fact that in recent months as I’ve gotten more confident and more independent, taken my name back, moved, did a big splashy singing gig with fancy makeup and stuff – that all seems to have attracted male attention.

I don’t want that and I thought it had stopped several years ago once the crows’ feet around my eyes became visible.

So I’m eating too much, and too much junk.  And it doesn’t feel good.

And I want to stop, and breathe, and drink water, and treat myself better, and feel safe (male attention never feels very safe, even when the male providing the attention is perfectly safe).  I want to be myself.  I’ve stopped wearing skirts and nice clothes, and I want to start doing that again.

And I want to eat better so all of this will feel good.  I know what to do, and I know why I’m not doing it.  And I want to start.  Again.