I’ve been pondering this post in my head all day.

It seems sort of passive to start off with “being treated better” as today’s thing.  Like I’m going to either wait for or try to force others to treat me better or something.  It kind of looks like I’m depending on others’ behavior toward me to determine my state of mind.

That’s not really what I’m getting at though.  I’m aiming more at being open to being treated well.  It’s like an internal “yes” to the notion/belief/idea/thought that being treated well is something I get to look for, be open to, observe, experience, not be totally surprised by…

Part of this is about treating myself well.  And that involves accepting even the parts of me that are currently troubling me.  Right now there’s one thing about myself that I wish I could just erase.  It’s a psychological trick I play on myself a lot, and it’s hard to describe, but that involves reading the worst into ordinary situations.  So this yes to being treated better involves reading the best into ordinary situations, or even reading the ordinary into ordinary situations.

At the same time, it involves a bit of sitting back and watching how folks treat me, and staying calm (hahahahahahaha) as I determine how to respond.  It’s like I’m giving myself a “yes” to taking a few breaths or a few days to get clear on how to respond, when I’m not sure.

There’s more.  Sometimes I read the worst into situations that are just fine, or at least appropriate to the larger life experience in which the participants find ourselves.  So in those cases I’m saying “yes” to just letting it be.

I’m saying yes to an open heart.  I’m saying yes to seeing and accepting being treated well.  And I’m saying yes to… (insert something interesting here…)

(Ahem.  Regular readers may see irony in the juxtaposition of this post with the previous one.  So give me a better band and song.  I’m open.  Hehehehe)