I’m looking forward to trying out a new mantra: “your move.”  I remember trying this out in a slightly different form last summer, and I’m bringing it back for a sequel.  It was, it turned out, a blockbuster hit.

The idea behind this mantra is that I get to sit back a bit.  I’ve been focusing my energy on making changes in my life.  That has felt enormously liberating; at the same time, I’ve felt somewhat set adrift.  After years of quiet contemplation, I found my life rocketing into fireworks of change in a matter of a few months, with an incredible intensity of change within a period of just a few short weeks.

I remember last summer when I decided to sit back and not work so hard at making things happen, and instead sit back and see what would come my way.  I have been surprised, over and over, by the results.  The life I now lead as a result of sitting back and allowing, is a life that brings me happiness and helps me envision more happiness.

But I confess that I’m a bit stuck right now.  I’m stuck at the point of envisioning.  My daydreams feel like work.  This isn’t true of every inspiration, but I can say that even in areas where I feel profoundly inspired, I tire easily.  I wondered aloud the other day if I was coming down with some sort of illness.  I’ve decided that instead, I’ve just been asking myself to take my dreams farther than I can dream them right now.

So I’m looking forward to spending the summer in internal quiet.  I’m looking forward to regarding action and even daydreaming as responses to positive energy from the universe.  I’m looking forward to sitting back and not holding myself accountable for every action, every thought, asking if it leads to freedom.  I’m looking forward to letting myself go a bit, and asking only if this leads me into a space that’s private, and quiet, and open to gentleness.

I’m looking forward to rest.