One aspect of making space is physically making space.  I’ve had a unique opportunity to do some serious decluttering this past week.  It’s been really great.  What always happens when I do some major space-making is my daydreaming gets HUGE and HAPPY, and I have bad dreams.  Like, during the day I’m almost high from happiness, from possibility; and at night I’m fighting demons in my sleep.

I think it’s all part of the process.  And one message I keep getting is to get less specific about one particular area I’ve been pretty concerned about.  Like, take my focus OFF of trying to detail out how it will/could/might happen.  The internal message I’m getting is that if I try to make happen what my current level of imagination will allow, it won’t be what is really out there and available for me.  Recent experiences of being really surprised by unexpected good things seem to tell me that this is true, so OK.

But then at night the bad dreams come.  The dreams of running away, of hiding, of the massive intrusiveness of those who do NOT have my best interests at heart.

Here’s why I think this is all part of the decluttering.  As I’m clearing out massive kid clutter in most of the house, there’s this one room that suddenly looks like a big pink toy bomb exploded in it.  LOL  I mean, the rest of the toy stash is suddenly contained, beautifully contained, and the clothes have recently been sorted, and most of the places that feature toy storage or display are now live-able.  But this one room has gotten worse and worse over the course of the organizing process.  Haha  Now it looks like a complete disaster.  Like FEMA might see it and take an interest.  Yow!

But it ain’t no thaing.  It’s just more stuff, and it just gives me a chance to go tackle something else – just organize it if that’s all I want to do right now, or really declutter in that room too if that feels good.

What’s been decluttered has been liberating.  And therefore scary.  I plan to hug my pillow REALLY tight tonight.  LOL  But I’ll still be daydreaming, still be making space, and still be learning to be open to all the ways good can come.

[via – Corfu]