Look at that.  Just looook at that.  Last summer the girls and I started a garden (well, four pots of random stuff).  This past weekend we picked our first batch of green beans.  These are pole beans.  I rinsed them and broke them into one-inch pieces, and because it was the weekend, I made them for breakfast.  With bacon, natch.  Ooooohhh yeah.

Have I mentioned before how much I love my cast iron skillet?  Also, I’d like to point out that before I started blogging and before I ended up talking to people who (pausetogasp) COOK, I never had bacon in the house.  Now I kind of go into a panic if I appear to be running out.

Look at my neat trick photography there.  See?  First I drained off most of the bacon grease (err, once I took the bacon out of the pan that is…).  Then with one hand I poured the beans into the skillet, and with the other I snapped the pic.  I’m hellaimpressed with my mad skillz there.

Speaking of mad skillz, whatever genius decided that green beans and bacon go well together gets my undying gratitude.  Lordy that was good!  One change I will make is to dash out and yank those beanies off the vine while they’re still small next time.  None of this oversized bean that looks fabulous but, it turns out, has a rather tough texture.  The taste was out of this world, I mean literally from the garden to breakfast in fifteen minutes, WOW!!!!!!!!!  But the texture tells me to pick smaller beans.

I’m willing to live and learn that lesson.  Beans and Bacon for Breakfast.  Believe.