As I was thinking about my day this song title came to mind.  Once I YouTubed it I realized it’s a song about heartbreak and not a day at the beach with the kids.  LOL  But nevermind.  When Ella Fitzgerald is singing, accompanied by Duke Ellington, a tune written by Billy Strayhorn (when he was just in his teens), how could it not make me smile?

Every time I hear Ella I just come undone.  Perfection.  It sounds so easy, so effortless, every nuance so beautifully sung…. ah…

So I was trying to articulate that space inside where everything feels alright again, and of course the lyrics to Lush Life don’t really approach that – though I insist again that I could listen to Ella Fitzgerald sing it all day and it would make me happier each time I heard it.

Then I read Pam over at Textilosophy Oz and found this quote by Carolyn Manning:

“There are no fears in the soul, simply tremors from the troubles of the mind.

When we’re open to release, our souls relax.”

And so it’s that simple then.  Some days I wouldn’t believe that, couldn’t believe it.  Today it made sense.  Today I didn’t have to be (as the song prescribes) rotting in a dive in Paris getting over someone who is burning in my brain in order to live a lush life.  LOL  Though I can see the appeal of parts of that experience…

Open to release.  And how lush, the image of a soul that exists beyond fear.  Lush life, indeed.

The beach I went to today was full of kids and parents, so it didn’t look at all like this lovely isolated spot on Boracay Island, Philippines.  But I got to sit and gaze out into skies that looked a lot like the sky in this photo.  Photographer Fabio Visentin has done his island proud.  Dibs on the chair on the right.