Two ideas.  Both old beliefs.

On the one hand, I can be loved/lovable.  To achieve this, I must deny everything that is true about my essential self – certainly my orientation, but many other things as well.  But it’s the only way to be loved or to have any kind of connection with any other human being (or God).

On the other hand, I can be my true self.  But if I do this I lose everyone I love and everyone who loves me, and God?  Buy-bye!!!

I sit in between these two old beliefs, looking at them.  Neither one is true.  My capacity to receive (and give) love is not determined by my ability to live inauthentically.  And being my authentic self does not mean I lose love.

In fact, if I turn those beliefs around, I can say that my capacity to give and receive love is directly related to my ability to live authentically.  And living as my authentic self opens me to even more love in my life.

So what happens when I just see myself as good, just as I am?  Whoever I know myself to be right now, is good.  Whoever I am evolving to become, is good.  So then the choices I make come out of freedom and joy and dare I say it right now, a bit of playfulness…

I want to stay present with my life as it is becoming.  There are a number of actions I can take, and am taking, to stay present with my new life.  Maybe, along the way, sometimes I can stop for a bit and do the hokey pokey.